Farm Table Rentals + Vintage Chairs

Our farm tables for rent are handcrafted from 100+ year old reclaimed barnwood, making each farm table uniquely beautiful.  We hand-finished each table (yes, we literally did it!) with natural satin finish that allows the beautiful grain of the wood to shine through, making for a striking dinner table and show stopping photos.  The photos below are not professionally taken, yet you can see how striking the wood is.  No one else has beautiful farm tables like this!

Our lovely reclaimed barnwood farm tables.

Farm table rentals VA
Shot of our farm table at The Barns at Hamilton Station

A close up of our farm table---lovely grain!

farm table rentals washington dc
This really shows the uniqueness of each farm table

Our Vintage Dining Chairs

We hand-selected beautiful vintage dining chairs to compliment our barnwood farm tables.   We love vintage chairs because each one has a story and have stood the test of time.  Our obsession with these  chairs started when Dawn spent years collecting 120+ chairs for the guests at her own wedding and hand-painted many of them aqua blue.

Our chairs come in natural wood finish that compliments the barnwood tables and also have white, aqua, and gold chairs.  We are able to custom-paint chairs upon request.   Just ask, we love these kind of projects!  The chairs below are just a sample of the hundreds we have in our inventory.