Bring Your Vintage Style to the Modern Beach

As a modern girl who likes to incorporate vintage style into everyday life, it can be hard to know when your outfit is boarding on the cusp of costume. Wanting to leave the house looking unique is admirable and standing out can be fun! Here are a few tips for beginners on how to be your vintage self this 4th of July, on your honeymoon, or the next time you visit a beach.
Vintage Red/White/Blue Beach

1. Buy pieces in solid colors with vintage shapes.
2. Play with pattern or elaborate details when buying accessories. Cute cat-eye sunglasses, a striped hat, or a bold flag scarf adds spice to an outfit without being overwhelming.
3. When working with themes (like red, white, and blue) pick muted colors and patterns - this helps create a vintage feel, even if the item is brand new.
4. Be practical. Wear what you would normally wear to the beach. Don't add pieces simply because they're vintage - the water, wind, and sand will all still be present as you relax.
5. Carry yourself with confidence! If you love your style and know you look good - any (wrong) judgement coming your way won't be able to get through your thick (and right) skin.