DIY Aqua Vases: A Tutorial

I've had a lot of people ask me where we found the aqua vases in our inventory.  We actually made them using Krylon spray paint and random glass vases that I found at thrift stores and now you can too!   By painting the inside of the vases, we were able to preserve the sheen of the glass while adding color.  

We should note that these vases are great for short-term use at events, but you should avoid leaving water in them for over 24 hours at a time because the paint can start to bubble and come off.

Materials needed:

  • Painter's tape
  • Spray paint (we chose aqua)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cardboard 
  • Glass vase

1.  First, place painter's tape around the top rim of the vase.  This will help you avoid getting overspray on the outside of the vase.

2.  Next, put on your gloves and place the vase on top of a piece of card board or something that you can turn to rotate the vase as you spray it without touching it.  Shake the spray paint well and start spraying the inside of the vase, holding the spray just paint a couple of inches from the rim of the vase.  Start by lightly spraying the most difficult places to reach, such as the convex parts and save the bottom and neck for last.

It is best to spray a light coat first and put a second coat on after waiting an hour.  This technique is to avoid overspraying and creating drips on the inside.

3.  After you are satisfied with the coverage remove the painter's tape from the rim and allow the vase to dry for 48 hrs before placing water and flowers in the vase.

4.  Enjoy!  This vase is sure to jazz up even a bunch of flowers picked from the garden, like the ones below.
Turquoise vases at barn wedding in Fort Wayne, Indiana