Wedding Trend for 2013: Lounge Seating

One trend I love for 2013 wedding season, is using vintage upholstered lounge seating for cocktail hours instead of cocktail tables.  Think velvet tufted sofas, Victorian arm chairs with end tables set up outside for guests to enjoy a cocktail and chat.  
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You can use any color of sofa and incorporate your wedding colors by coordinating pillows, flowers, and decor.  I'm loving these ruffled pillows--very chic.

Via, photo courtesy of Castillero Photography

It seems that this is yet another move to bring the indoors outside.  I love this contrast!  It is also perfect for a timeless bridal portrait.  

Photo credit:  Sacha Blackburne

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Photo via Found Vintage Rentals
We have used our Victorian velvet sofas in beautiful lounge set ups, but luckily the photos are about to be published so we can't post them here yet:)  We have several sofas now and continue to add to our inventory.  Need a certain color?  Please let us know and we can help you find it.

Our Beige and Gold Sofa
Our Victorian sofa

Do you have a favorite lounge set up that you've seen?  Please send it to use, we'd love to check it out!  We never get tired of looking at pretty vintage furniture.