New @ Something Vintage: Ruffled Antique Lace Tablecloth

So those of you who know me,  know that I am an aspiring hoarder and can't throw anything old away.  Really, it just breaks my heart.  So I have this pile of vintage linens that I can't use because of holes, stains, etc.  So rather than pitching them (which I could never do!), I set out to repurpose them in a ruffled lace tablecloth.

The lovely Vanessa from Vanessa Grant Events on Etsy is a peach and agreed to repurpose up my antique linens to make this amazing lace ruffled tablecloth for a photoshoot that we are participating in next week.

I had to post a photo of it on the blog because I literally just received it i the mail and it is even more beautiful in person.  This is going to look stunning in photoshoot, I have no doubt.   Thank you, Vanessa!

After next week, the lovely tablecloth will be available to rent for tea parties, weddings, or other fabulous events.

How cool would this be one a dessert table?!!  No other rental company has anything like this :)