Statement Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

We are all about statement pieces for brides.  A bold necklace, a vintage hairpiece, or a cute birdcage veil will showcase your individual style and make your look on your wedding day unique. 

Beautiful statement necklaces work well with strapless gowns or deep plunging necklines.  I love the ones with color, it's definitely a bold choice that people will notice.

A birdcage or blusher veil is an elegant way to add a vintage vibe to your wedding attire.  That's my veil on the top left!

Crystals, beads, fabric and feathers - depending on the texture you want complimenting your hair and style - you'll have ample choices to pick from.

One tip, looking on eBay for necklaces, hair clips, or broaches is a great way to find unique, high quality statement pieces at often a fraction of the cost of high end retailers.  Trying searching "estate necklace" or "antique broach" to find some great scores.  It can be hard to find just the right piece, but once you do, all of your endless scouring will be worth it.

Photo credit:  Style Me Pretty