Time to Make the Donuts!

It is hard to resist a donut.  Coupled with their irresistible taste and high cute factor, you can understand why these single serving delights are making an icing-dipped splash as the latest event trend. 
The ring is the most recognizable shape of these little, tasty pastries but they are also easily adapted to fit your sugary needs.  So when planning your event, think about all the interesting variations that the donut offers: twisted, filled, frosted, powered, holed or sprinkled.  Available in all sorts of flavors, they can be tailored to fit your party theme, color or vignette.
Served on pretty china, they are the instantly upgraded to fancy desserts for baby showers and tea parties. Stacked in tiers they can rival any traditional wedding cake.  Put them on sticks and they are transformed to fairground confections.  Tied with homemade bows, they can be bagged and given out as whimsical party favors.  And who wouldn’t like to ante up to a donut bar and throw back a few?
“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” – Homer Simpson

Photo courtesy of www.greenweddingshoes.com

Photo courtesy of www.projectwedding.com